Web service API

The WorkflowGen portal features are available via a Web Service API.
It is possible to access requests and actions data and statuses from 3rd party applications via web services in real time.
The contents of the WorkflowGen portal are available as RSS feeds.
Users are able to syndicate/register these feeds in any Web Portal solution or any RSS compliant tool like Outlook.


• Available as part of WorkflowGen 5.1
• Focus on WorkflowGen User Portal module services
• Native response output in XML RSS format
• Supports many standard request formats (HTTP GET / POST, SOAP 1.1 and 1.2)
• Supports IIS Basic and Integrated Windows authentications 

Some available Web Methods

Provides the list of my new requests to launch

Provides the list of my actions, my team actions, my assignment actions and my follow-up actions

Provides the list of my requests and my follow-up requests

Provides the list of comments which I follow as a request user

Provides the list of comments of a specific request

Adds a new comment to the request


WorkflowGen, Workflow Software, BPM software

Simple Integration: Internet Explorer RSS Reader
• Provides a powerful and customizable list by end-users
• View live requests or actions information with associated data
• Allow easy review and launch of requests or actions
• Alternative solution to the Portal user module
- Access to list via URL address

Advanced Integration: Widget RSS Client
• A complete custom web-enabled application
• Provides a simplified and summarized view on specific requests or actions
- View live requests or actions in progress and overdue
• Automatic refresh with latest information

Outlook Integration
• Built-in RSS Reader
• Provides the ability to create many different views of requests or actions list
• Retrieves requests or actions information in the same way as current email notification
• Automatic synchronization and update with WorkflowGen server
• Alternative solution to the Portal user module
• Get notification of the latest user’s comments