Deloitte France uses WorkflowGen for process management

(Translated from the original French article that appeared on Finyear on September 18, 2015.)

Looking to implement a BPM solution that would permit the easy creation of different validation circuits within its organization, Deloitte France chose WorkflowGen several years ago because of the solution’s innovative approach and simplicity of use.

In order to ensure the success of this undertaking, the Information Systems Department decided to institute a progressive, per-project deployment. This allowed for an incremental positioning of the tool as the veritable standard across the enterprise and accelerated collaborators’ adhesion periods. Today, the solution is roundly appreciated for its simplicity of use and the convenience it brings to different teams. Over 25 processes and validation circuits are managed by WorkflowGen, including IT clearance requests, leave applications, collection of certificates, and meeting room reservations. This represents an average of 400 requests that are handled by the solution on a daily basis. A total of 4000 collaborators use the solution.

At the operational level, once business management decides to put a validation circuit in place, it sends the request to the ISD, which then considers their needs and puts the customized configuration in place. The platform’s ease of use allows administrators to quickly create forms and validation circuits and launch projects. Among the solution’s strongest points are its great ease of use and its fully web-based graphical approach.

Having used successive versions of the solution, the ISD appreciates the minimal effort needed during version upgrades that don’t affect existing versions, and lead to gains at both the functional and technical levels.

Certain new features such as email validation and lists management in web mode have brought even more flexibility to users.

These examples demonstrate the WorkflowGen’s technological and functional strengths in the BPM tools market.

It’s against this backdrop that the ISD plans to soon deploy version 6.0, which will provide the benefits of the application’s latest innovations and graphical redesign.

Said Julien Pietri, Project Manager at Deloitte France, “Advantys, WorkflowGen’s vendor, doesn’t just position itself as a mere provider but rather as a genuine partner. Their solution allowed us to reinforce our agility and to achieve real operational gains such as heightened team productivity, the streamlining of our forms, and full traceability of completed actions. The vendor’s availability as well as the quality of its support service are also essential factors that play a key role in the longevity of our relationship.”