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Designed for both IT and business users.

Engineered to meet the most complex requirements, WorkflowGen is the only workflow / BPM product to offer a Process Life Cycle Management environment that enables both Business Users and IT Staff to maximize their respective skills. Business Users use tools that enable them to quickly materialize forms and business rules without any programming skills. Then, if necessary, IT Staff can enhance this initial process version by adding complex integration functions and/or transforming the web form into a sophisticated web app.

Best cost /
value ratio

Full featured enterprise BPM software starting at $9,900

WorkflowGen offers the best ratio in terms of Cost/Features/Scalability. The perpetual licensing model is based on a per named user system with a low entry point that enables you to quickly address your business needs without having to invest a large budget. The more users in your organization that you extend the WorkflowGen system to, the greater the cost reduction for the license. The product comes as a comprehensive package including all features available. There are no additional modules, no add-ons, no options, and no hidden costs.


From 10 to 100,000 + users.

The technical architecture facilitates the expansion of usage without limits. The project can start at a departmental level and run on a single server, and then potentially grow to a global solution involving web and database farms. At the process level, WorkflowGen lets the organization build the simplest and most complex workflows involving the consumption of web services and the integration with legacy applications (ERP, Document Management, CRM, etc). 

Key benefits 

  • Automate any type of human and system-based processes with your own business rules

  • Offer users an embeddable customized portal with real-time workflow monitoring available via any mobile devices

  • Use advanced workflow features that meet your requirements

  • Engage all the workflow project actors based on their skills

  • Achieve quick wins and be up and running within a couple of weeks

  • Tightly integrate your workflows with your existing IT environment

  • Update the process definitions in real time to adapt to an ever changing business environment

  • Start local and grow global with a full scale multi-language enterprise solution


  • UAP inc.

    «Money is being saved, accountability at all levels has greatly increased, and the entire process is working properly. We are very satisfied with the WorkflowGen BPM solution.»

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  • Comcast

    «The WorkflowGen application provides an effective and efficient solution to managing our enterprise processes. We definitely have had great success.»

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  • Mitsui

    «The concept of the WorkflowGen product is excellent.It’s robust design facilitates the quick implementation of new functions, the degree of flexibility of development on the user side is high.”

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  • Deloitte

    “The product is very easy to use especially thanks to the graphical implementation interface. More than 200 processes have been identified for an optimization with WorkflowGen.”

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