Complexity mastered through
creative technology

Complexity grows exponentially in an ever-changing global environment as the number of components and constraints increases across all aspects of business operations. To succeed, business solution designers must select the right technologies to address this level of complexity. Founded in 1995 by the current management team, ADVANTYS delivers creative solutions to manage this complex environment and provides advanced technological components and expertise.

Over 20 years of innovation

In the mid-nineties, ADVANTYS was among the very first vendors to successfully develop web-based applications (Internet and Intranet) for corporate users. ADVANTYS developed the ability to quickly transform clients' requirements into a robust, reliable, and user-friendly solution.

ADVANTYS' products have been deployed by thousands of customers worldwide to automate processes, publish websites, collaborate, and develop web applications. ADVANTYS has developed very strong expertise in designing world-class enterprise software with an accelerated time to market. Developing software for intensive usage by a large number of users on a global scale is a huge challenge that is impossible to achieve without state-of-the-art processes.

Thanks to its agile and highly adaptive structure, ADVANTYS is able to thrive in the hypercompetitive software industry and is proud to have been chosen by some of the most prestigious global corporations.

Workflow / BPM pure player

ADVANTYS' current flagship product is the WorkflowGen workflow management software and BPM tool. WorkflowGen helps organizations streamline their processes by automating human and system-based actions. Released in 2003, the WorkflowGen software was built to meet the needs of our clients, who required a simple way to manage forms.

WorkflowGen was designed using international workflow standards and was among the first products to use XPDL. The product quickly became a hit among all types of industries (banks, manufacturing, research, services, etc.) and has achieved global adoption via a network of selected partners.

WorkflowGen is now used intensively by hundreds of organizations worldwide that rely on it for their business-critical processes.


In 1998 ADVANTYS released its first software solution: PubliGen. This web-based content management solution was then deployed by more than a hundred organizations and is still used daily by thousands of users.

As a software provider, ADVANTYS had to develop reusable web components for its own use. In 2000, the company decided to share some of these components with the ASP developer world community. The aspSmart line of products was made available online, and the free aspSmartUpload component instantly became a 'must-have' and was downloaded by tens of thousands of developers worldwide.

In 2003, the needs of ADVANTYS' clients shifted towards collaboration. An online collaboration tool (eGroupGen) and workflow software (WorkflowGen) were released that year. By combining content/portal management and collaboration, as well as workflow and development, ADVANTYS released the Smart Enterprise Suite (SES). ADVANTYS became one of those rare vendors to offer all these components from the same source.

In 2004, Gartner USA listed ADVANTYS' SES in its Magic Quadrant, along with prestigious vendors like Microsoft, SAP, and Oracle.

Some historical implementations


Content Management – 58,000 employees

This world leader opted for the PubliGen content management solution for the publication of its Intranet and Internet sites at a global level. PubliGen offers the advantages of a single technical architecture, guaranteed application of the company’s graphic and ergonomic layout, and complete editorial independence for content producers. By implementing a single solution, human and technical resources can be combined to generate significant economies of scale. PubliGen gives this client an open evolutionary platform allowing all of its operational and functional departments to achieve total consistency in the deployment and management of the organization’s 200 portals and sites.


Content Management and Workflow / BPM – 39,000 employees

Almost all of the banking section of this group manages its portals and Intranet sites with the PubliGen content management solution. In addition, WorkflowGen’s administrative workflows allow for optimum information processing between regional branches and the head office. For example, the procedural databases are managed by the head office, published using PubliGen, and directly connected to interactive forms allowing the regional branches to launch the automated processes with WorkflowGen. The entire system is accessible via a browsable and administrable Intranet portal.


Workflow / BPM and Content Management - 5,000 employees

This leading consultancy uses PubliGen to publish its portal as well as its Intranet and Extranet sites. Administrative workflows are published online using WorkflowGen and collaborative work is carried out using eGroupGen. The company has a complete Smart Enterprise Suite platform provided by ADVANTYS. The client manages and deploys its solutions in a single technical environment, offering internal and external end-users a coherent and ergonomic set of software tools and applications. The client therefore enjoys a mutualization of resources, rapid deployment, and ultra-short induction for its users to develop a corporate information web system accessible to clients and partners alike.


Content Management – 27,000 employees

1998 saw this company implement a global platform designed to allow all of its subsidiaries to publish Internet and Extranet sites locally. Each subsidiary can access its own publication environment via the Internet, the site itself being hosted in France. Each country publishes in its own language (Arabic, Russian, Chinese, etc.) and provides its customers and partners with their own customized and fully secure Extranet areas. ADVANTYS has developed a number of e-business applications on the same platform, including online catalogs, ordering, and after-sales service. ADVANTYS’ Smart Enterprise Suite offers this organization a unified web information system allowing real-time piloting of their deployed resources on a worldwide scale.