Automate complex human-centric processes by leveraging the Azure ecosystem

Organizations are dramatically transforming their operations by adopting technologies such as AI and robotics, but they are still heavily relying on complex human-centric processes.

Complex human-centric processes involve both humans performing value-added tasks like design, evaluation, or decision making and systems (computing, transactions, data exchange, AI, etc.). Human and system tasks must be seamlessly integrated wherever they are located (geographically, internal, external, on-premise, in the cloud) and digitized with interfaces optimized for human interactions.

WorkflowGen for Azure now offers a low-code platform to automate human-centric business processes in the age of the cloud-based OS and digital ecosystems.

WorkflowGen for Azure dramatically optimizes operations and associated costs while augmenting enterprise processes with the most advanced cloud services such as Machine Learning, the Internet of Things and Blockchain for accelerated time to delivery.

WorkflowGen for Azure is a modern cloud-optimized platform that relies on Azure managed services such as:


Azure Active Directory OpenID Connect authentication provides a more secure, unified single sign-on experience across different web apps and platforms.

In addition to WorkflowGen authentication, Azure Active Directory OpenID Connect can also be configured for access to the WorkflowGen Plus mobile app, server-side scripts and single-page applications.

User provisioning

Azure Active Directory can be configured to automatically provision users and groups using the SCIM v2 protocol supported by WorkflowGen.

With this configuration, Azure Active Directory will automatically update users and groups and periodically push them to WorkflowGen.

SQL Database

Azure SQL support and Azure SQL Read Scale-Out enable load balancing in master/slave database architectures.

Azure Files

Azure Files can be used with the SMB protocol when WorkflowGen files need to be shared across multiple server instances (such as web farms with a load balancer).


Azure SendGrid for SMTP notifications provides more reliable email notification delivery with a scalable infrastructure, as well as analytics.

Load balancing

For high availability and scalability, WorkflowGen relies on Azure Load Balancer to distribute HTTP requests to multiple WorkflowGen server instances.

Azure Event Grid

WorkflowGen's RESTAPICLIENT workflow app allows seamless and modern integrations between your processes and your other applications and systems by using a pub/sub event-based model such as Azure Event Grid. This will open up a new era of automation, mixing complex human-centric processes coupled with fully automated cloud-based operations.

WorkflowGen for Microsoft Azure is available in the Azure Marketplace.