Unlimited End-Users, Processes and Features
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  • 1 version of 1 live process
  • 1 instance
  • All features included
  • Unlimited End-Users and Process Admins
  • Support available with Assistance Packs
  • On-premise or hosted in your own private cloud
  • Forever FREE

Per Process Admin

  • Unlimited processes and versions
  • Unlimited instances
  • All features included
  • Unlimited End-Users
  • Support and upgrades included
  • On-premise or hosted in your own private cloud
  • Subscription in USD billed annually

Prices may vary from one region to another and are subject to change without notice.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s a Process Admin?

Process Administrators are the named users that use the WorkflowGen Administration Module to design and maintain processes (including user directories, group directories, workflow applications, process participants, process folders, and global lists) and manage WorkflowGen configuration.

What’s a process?

A process is an automated workflow designed by Process Admins who use WorkflowGen to set up actions, participants, conditions, forms, and process data.

What's the free version use case?

With the free version you can create unlimited processes and associated versions in test mode. Once you want to use one of your processes in production, you have to change the corresponding process status to “active”, but you can't have another active process and you can't archive your already activated process to create a new active version.

The free version doesn’t support subprocesses for one active process. You can still test the subprocess feature, but you can't use subprocesses in production because only one active process is allowed.

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Is the free version really free?

Yes! No credit card. No commitment. No questions asked. Just download and benefit from a fully functional workflow software to automate and deploy one version of a process to unlimited End-Users.

What’s an End-user?

End-users are the named users with different profiles (actor, requester, process supervisor, global list manager) using the WorkflowGen Portal, mobile apps, and email approvals to perform workflow actions of processes.

What’s a version of a process?

A process can have multiple versions, but only one active version per WorkflowGen instance. A modification to an active process version requires a new version. Other version statuses are development, test, and archived.

With the free version, when a process status is set to active (for production usage), it's no longer possible to have other active versions of this process or any other processes.

How to get support for the free version?

Assistance can be purchased by the hour. Please contact us for more information.

Do you offer discounts for multiple Process Admins?

Yes. Discounts may apply for multiple Process Admins. Please contact us for more info.

What’s an instance?

An instance means a single instance of the software installed on one web server (one combination of IP address and TCP port number) with an associated logical database hosted on a local or remote database server.