Create workflows by using
advanced process design features

The WorkflowGen BPM workflow software enables process designers to graphically design and implement workflows via a 100% in-browser application. WorkflowGen supports human-based and system-based workflows with integration of web services without programming. Process designers can define any business rules based on workflow data as well as conditions or exceptions based on workflow data or ready-to-use macros. WorkflowGen also supports complex workflow implementations with sub-process management.

Design web forms quickly without programming

WorkflowGen includes a built-in web form designer that lets non-developers easily create professional-looking web forms. The form designer is based on HTML and JavaScript technologies, and requires no plug-ins or additional software. If more advanced features and customization are needed, the form designer includes a .NET code editor.

The interactive workflow view offers the most intuitive way to create form-based processes. It lets process designers visually define the behavior of the form based on each workflow action. The interactive workflow view is seamlessly integrated with the form designer.

Engage process participants with a comprehensive workflow portal

In a single web view, process participants can launch new requests and monitor the status of their workflows in real time. Based on the WorkflowGen configuration, single sign-on allows automatic and seamless authentication. Process participants can be notified of predefined events via email, and workflow actions can be performed directly within HTML email notifications including attachments. The advanced reporting feature enables end-users to create custom reports and dashboards by using process data.

Deploy workflows with enterprise process management features

Process designers can organize processes within secured folders for easy decentralization and delegate process administration per folder.

WorkflowGen supports versioning of workflows and lets process designers update workflows in real time.

WorkflowGen Mobile lets users access the workflow portal and perform their workflow actions remotely via their iOS and Android devices.

Process participants can change languages, time zones, and passwords directly within the portal. Multilingual form management is easily supported thanks to double-byte compliance and editable resource files.

Approve dozens of requests in seconds

The Quick Mass Approval feature offers the convenience of handling dozens of requests in seconds. Users can organize requests based on process data and create custom views to display in the User Portal for direct access.

Perform workflow actions across several processes in a few clicks

In Quick View mode, users simply click to switch from one form to another and accurately see the status of their requests, perform their actions with a minimum of clicks, and enjoy advanced and intuitive navigation through a single viewing window.

Easily manage global lists used in processes

Enterprise-relevant data not necessarily managed in an ERP or CRM can enrich company workflows with a decentralized administration to the managers of these data themselves. Global list management lets authorized users easily create and manage lists of data via the WorkflowGen web administration module for use in different process forms.

Participant Management

Administrators can easily manage process participants by defining them as single users, groups, coordinators, or directories. Global participants as well as role-based workflow participants can be shared by multiple workflows, and use multiple profiles to grant access to the features of the product.

Administrators can also allow process supervisors to reassign actions, cancel requests, view statistics, limit process supervisor scope for specific requests, and enable user rights on request comments.

Directory Management

Administrators can use directory connectors (Active Directory, CSV text files, LDAP native queries, text files) to synchronize users.

WorkflowGen includes enterprise features to facilitate the management of large populations (automatic directory synchronization, creation of multiple directories, group management, hierarchy management, query existing directories to dynamically create virtual groups, workflow history management for deleted users, detailed reports on user activity, replacing a user with another one).

Workflow Applications

WorkflowGen comes with built-in workflow applications that automate process system actions, such as: exporting data from XML documents to a database, retrieving user information from a directory, sending SMS notifications via the Twilio platform, and more.

Developers can create webhooks, web services or .NET Assemblies for use as custom workflow applications that enable a huge range of integration possibilities such as: exporting process and form data to databases or DMS, using third-party applications in workflows, dynamically generating documents from workflow data, and triggering alerts and notifications to messaging and monitoring systems.


Integration with existing systems is easy with the WorkflowGen GraphQL API. Developers can even create their own workflow portals or specialized UI/UX using the existing development framework.

Most runtime and design time workflow operations can be operated via the Web API, such as: retrieving requests and action data and statuses; launching new requests; updating request data; completing workflow actions; managing users, groups, participants, and delegations; and importing/exporting process definitions.

Authentication and Security

Windows authentication with Active Directory for transparent authentication is fully supported. You can also configure applicative authentication (credentials managed in a database) or custom authentication (custom .NET HTTP module support, integration with existing single sign-on systems).

WorkflowGen supports HTTPS SSL encryption. Web application security is fully integrated in the product development process following OWASP recommendations.

Performance and Scalability

WorkflowGen offers a highly scalable environment designed to handle the most intensive usage. Database structure and size are optimized and file data are saved using the file or database system.

Administrators can deploy WorkflowGen in a web farm environment with load balancing and use multiple servers for web applications. Additional database instances (real-time replicated) can be used to handle read-only SQL queries to reduce server response time (database scaling feature).

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