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Digital transformation and workflow automation: Your processes, your rules, no limits

Corporate users and solution providers of all sizes and in all industries constantly face the challenges of digital disruption as well as the real-time adaptation imperative. In such a demanding business environment, the WorkflowGen workflow management software provides its customers with a proven and highly performant technological component, whether it’s used to optimize one process or 100, for 30 users or 300,000.

In today’s technological environment, organizations can address their needs for business application implementation with an overwhelming number of options. After considering or even trying out several options, our customers choose WorkflowGen because the workflow software enables them to implement exactly what they need in terms of features, integration, customization, and scalability. They are able to leverage their existing human and technological resources and go live quickly — all at a very competitive price.

Since its launch in 2003, WorkflowGen has become a staple system for organizations worldwide that facilitates the completion of millions of workflow actions every day across all departments.

How to grow your digital business with WorkflowGen’s process automation technology

Chosen by enterprises
to implement business-critical processes

Product introduction workflow (initial qualification, QA, supply chain, forecasting, and final approval) for a global manufacturer of consumer products.

Budget and contract management processes integrated with third-party applications and databases for a global marketing agency.

Fleet management for a major group of container shipping companies.

Post-production management of blockbuster movies for an international media company.

Article creation process for a chemical distribution company.

Directorship management for one of the largest global industrial groups.

Sales processes, including quotations and special product requests for a manufacturer and distributor of office furniture.

Change control management of shopfloor processes for a global pharmaceutical company.

Global clinical survey implementation processes for a global leader in market research.

Air mission management for a Ministry of Defense.

Industrial feasibility studies and new product creation for a food processing leader.

Artist contract management for a major music label.

Land management, including leasing processes, acquisition, and disposition for a national park administration.

Management of international mobility of employees of Fortune 500 companies for one of the Big Four consulting firms.



10 years of usage as a tracking tool for a change management system

“We have been using this tool for close to 10 years now and it has proven to be a valuable tracking tool for our change management system as well as other processes we’ve added over the past several years. With WorkflowGen, we have easily glided through annual control audits, providing all the required documentation requested by our internal and external auditors. Advantys has been a strong vendor partner, responding to all our questions and requests for changes. I highly recommend the WorkflowGen tool to every company seeking a strong, flexible workflow tool.”

Theresa Giancamillo,
AVP, Financial Systems



40 business processes deployed to 70 sites in less than 12 months

“By selecting WorkflowGen we were able to spend less than 12 months from the tool selection to the production. The development efficiency of the workflow definition and the .NET Web Forms is very high. The concept of the WorkflowGen product is excellent: it enables focus on the workflow function, its robust design facilitates the quick implementation of new functions, it leverages the core Web technologies (.NET, XML, RSS Feed, Web Services, etc.), the degree of flexibility of development on the user side is high, and the cost performance is also good.The tool is easy to use, and the design and various settings of WorkflowGen are intuitive and comprehensible. It offers convenient ready-to-use components. The user interface is refined, and the usability is high. WorkflowGen facilitates the customization of all aspects of the workflows (routing, email notifications). Advantys, the WorkflowGen vendor, showed flexibility and responsiveness to our specific requirements, and the Help Desk support was quick.” Full story

Masaki Takahiko,
Global Information Systems Dept.



400 daily requests from 25 processes used by 4000 employees

“Advantys, WorkflowGen’s vendor, doesn’t just position itself as a mere provider but rather as a genuine partner. Their solution allowed us to reinforce our agility and to achieve real operational gains such as heightened team productivity, the streamlining of our forms, and full traceability of completed actions. The vendor’s availability as well as the quality of its support service are also essential factors that play a key role in the longevity of our relationship.” Full story

Julien Pietri,
Project Manager


Abbott Manufacturing Singapore

Plant and QA Change Control processes implemented in less than 2 months

“We needed to be able to generate analytics and reporting in a real-time sense to assist our change control and associated production processes. We also needed a system that could be fully maintained in-house by my team and provide the flexibility to perform changes swiftly.”

Adrian Low,
Head of IT

“Training and delivery were completed over an elapsed period of a month and workflows were built by Abbott’s team over a period of 1-2 months. We were pleasantly surprised with the ease of training and delivery – we are able to create workflow processes involving human and machine steps within a few days!” Full story

Amir, Abdul Hamid,
Project Manager



“We have made a lot of progress in-house with WorkflowGen, integrating its advanced reporting and analytics throughout the business.” Full story

Lim Siew Ling,
ITS Department



“We have thousands of users and the application manages hundreds of thousands of requests for application access, capital projects, and data governance. The WorkflowGen application provides an effective and efficient solution to managing our enterprise processes. We definitely have had great success. Thank you.”

Brent Geesaman,
Manager, Software Engineering and Development



“WorkflowGen allowed our business to migrate away from manual and time consuming paper-based processes, providing a seamless and effective alternative solution. Workflow processes and forms are easily created and used across all our departments from Purchase Orders to IT Authorization and Compliance. Processes can now be traced, reported on and searched for in a way that was not possible before.”

Martin Downs,
IT Systems Administrator



“All in all, Orange Caraïbe’s implementation and deployment of WorkflowGen has been a great success across the board, satisfying administrators, developers, and above all, users.”

Yann Langeard,
Internal Application Manager



“We use WorkflowGen for several key processes and, given our size, employee-based processes such as employee onboarding can be challenging. It is now very simple and automated with WorkflowGen. Our project has turned out better than expected, and we have big plans to deploy further across our organization. Thank you so much.”

George Geddis,
Certified Business Analysis Professional



“I am a big fan of WorkflowGen. It is becoming central to how we define work processes, particularly when there are interdepartmental hand-offs and dependencies.”

Steve McIsaac,



“I am always more than happy to share our experience with anyone seeking a workflow solution, particularly other law firms, where bridging data sources smoothly is critical. I highly recommend WorkflowGen as a very manageable and extremely customizable solution.”

Margaret DeCotret,
Applications Support Specialist – Information Technology



“WorkflowGen is a staple system in our business processes. We adopted WorkflowGen in 2008 and it quickly proved to be very stable and reliable. The initial installation was performed by the vendor and we received training to develop forms and workflows. Maintenance of WorkflowGen has always been simple to perform and we have rarely resorted to customer support. We relied more on customer support during the initial development of forms and workflows which, due to the high level of customization, has been historically centralized within the IT Department. Our experience with Advantys’ customer support has consistently been great and they have always been responsive, knowledgeable, effective and courteous. Recently we upgraded to version 6 and we took this opportunity to review our internal process for creating forms and workflows. We now expect to further increase the use of WorkflowGen by empowering users with administrative requirements to create their own forms and workflows.”

Fabrizio Labate,
Assistant Director of IT



“WorkflowGen BPM has helped us transform a very leaky and inefficient process into one that is airtight. Money is being saved, accountability at all levels has greatly increased, and the entire process is working properly. Moreover, by eliminating the holes and inequities in the process, we have been rewarded with wide acceptance by our user community. We are very satisfied with the WorkflowGen BPM solution.”

Gaetan Mainville,
Director, Information Systems



“Based on our experience to date, we plan to leverage our investment in WorkflowGen by automating several other processes, beginning in the HR and IT areas. For time-to-value, simplicity of use, flexibility, and customer care, I would highly recommend WorkflowGen as a solution of choice for any workflow automation need, regardless of company size or process complexity.”

Maurizio Laudisa,



“WorkflowGen is a software tool precisely designed to take care of automating any business workflow process. Wherever there is a form and a process, WorkflowGen can be applied very quickly to convert a manual process into a systematic process. Besides WorkflowGen’s simple and straightforward method of handling form and flow, it makes interfacing to external resources, at any step of a flow, a snap. For Business Intelligence (BI) reporting, we can integrate steps to write customized log records, which will serve as a base for all BI reporting.”

Inkee Lee,
Vice President and Deputy Director



“The solution is well known and reputable in the marketplace and the team of consultants extremely easy to do business with. We will be live shortly and WorkflowGen is predicted to be a game changer for us.”

Jonathan Azar,
PMO Manager, Internal Consulting



“Easy to use, develop and deploy. You can create a workflow very quickly without much programming. Fabulous workflow development tool for all kind of developers. We have been adopted this product for more than 10 years, this web based product is running very stable and reliable. User profile management is super flexible, we are using Active Directory, LDAP and text files to synchronize different user groups.”

Zhiming Jia,
Sr. System Analyst



“We are very pleased with our decision to purchase WorkflowGen. We knew there must be a better way to process the thousands of paper work requests that we receive each year. We initially looked at having someone write a customized program which turned out to be well over our budget. We then looked at some of the larger workflow software companies and found that their software was expensive and required substantial programming to implement. Once we discovered WorkflowGen, we knew that we were looking at something special. Being able to design workflow processes using forms, without formal programming, was extremely important to us. Designing processes using WorkflowGen is relatively simple for an end-user to do with out formal programming. We plan to extend WorkflowGen processes to other areas since it is so easy to design and implement them quickly and economically. We are very satisfied with the product.”

Gary L. Tate,
UTHSCSA Facilities Management – Assistant Director for Business Services



“While re-organising our processes, we had the desire to implement an application that supports us in integrating them into our IntraNet quickly and easily. The tool had to be web-based, lean and very easy to use. We found all of these attributes in one solution named “WorkflowGen.” It’s a very practical tool with a lot of possibilities. Thanks to the SDK, even our existing applications (e.g. ERP, Microsoft Exchange) can be connected without any problems.”

Stephan Hubner,
IT Coordination and Web Applications