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Create fluid, integrated, adaptive workflows optimized for digital ecosystems.

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Create Advanced Process-Driven Solutions With a Low-Code Platform

Maximize customer satisfaction by quickly delivering solutions that meet their unique requirements thanks to fast prototyping and low-code approaches. Engage endusers with a comprehensive, customizable and mobileready workflow portal.
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time to market
time to market

Leverage Innovative Technologies for Highly Integrated Processes

Whether for a mobile app, a web application or microservices, WorkflowGen’s GraphQL API, webhooks and Node.js integrations provide you with a high level of customization and data manipulation possibilities, as well as extensive Azure integration capabilities.
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Connect Your Processes to Cloud-Based Ecosystems

WorkflowGen leverages Microsoft Graph and Google APIs to dynamically interact with Office 365's and G Suite's collaboration tools and is cloud-optimized for Azure.
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time to market
time to market

Grow Your Digital Business

Immediately enhance your software or application offerings with a high-performance, battle-tested, competitive process automation component. Increase your team’s efficiency by leveraging a low-code and highly configurable workflow engine and form designer.
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"WorkflowGen is a robust workflow automation platform designed for enabling the simplicity of low-code environments, without imposing the implicit compromises the majority of these otherwise carry with them."

Nathaniel Palmer, Editor-in-Chief, Workflow Management Coalition Executive Director, BPM, Inc. CTO

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