How a leading insurance company achieved financial compliance through process automation

Change management automated with WorkflowGen

Having spent two years consolidating the company’s general ledger, the Finance division of a leading insurance company was beginning to see the fruits of their labor unravel as each new change request came in.

Change requests were being submitted through email and entered into a centralized set of Excel spreadsheets. Due to this manual process, requests were either not being addressed, or changes were being made without proper authorization. The Excel spreadsheets were highly complicated and becoming impossible to maintain, and there was no audit trail of changes — thus invalidating all of the work that had been done to streamline the general ledger structure.

What they needed was an automated system that would give them the ability to dynamically change business rules as the approval process changed, and web-based forms that could be easily built and customized, all without having to pay for extensive additional consulting.

The head of Data Management was tasked with finding a solution amongst the nine systems running across the organization that had a workflow component, but nothing was suitable — they were too big or too small, too complex or not flexible enough. They realized they would have to purchase a solution that gave them what they needed without breaking the bank.

The WorkflowGen solution

WorkflowGen provided the flexibility and ease of use that the client was looking for. The Advantys team worked with the client to understand their issues and problems and presented them with workable solutions that they were able to implement quickly.

Advantys provided assistance in the creation of web-based forms, which included several integration points with the client’s internal systems for data validation purposes.

Ultimately, using WorkflowGen for general ledger change management prompted numerous requests from other departments in the organization about different ways that they, too, could use the tool to manage their processes — a true measure of success!


Implementing WorkflowGen resulted in stringent process control and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance.

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