How the graduate school of a major university automated complex grant processes

Turning the time to process applications from weeks into days with workflow automation

A high priority for graduate schools is to manage and provide funding for student and faculty grant competitions that take place each year. Traditionally, the application and approval processes for these competitions are paper-based and thus highly labor-intensive and time-consuming. Since a typical grant application can go through as many as ten separate approval points, there needed to be a way to streamline the paper flow, and reduce the time taken to complete the approval process.

The process also had to be more transparent in order to reveal bottlenecks and delays that were threatening the success of any particular application.

Due to the wide variety of applications in use across the university, the process had to dynamically determine approvers based on application data.

Finally, the The WorkflowGen solution needed to fall within the university’s strict budget limitations.

The WorkflowGen solution

WorkflowGen was implemented at the graduate school in order to effectively turn grant applications into a paperless process.

Advantys worked with the stakeholders at the university to review and re-design the process which resulted in eliminating duplication and increasing efficiency. The flexibility of the WorkflowGen solution enabled some of the university's more particular requirements to be satisfied.

The cost model of the solution allowed the graduate school to stay within their budget limitations and still get what they needed to optimize their process.

The implementation of WorkflowGen enabled the university to streamline the process while significantly reducing errors and processing time. The time required to process an application, from receipt to final approval, went from taking several weeks to now being completed in a matter of days.


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