Perform GDPR data extractions with WorkflowGen

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), in force in European Union countries since May 25, 2018, is built on several principles, notably the right to data portability.

To this end, you can integrate a data extraction process using WorkflowGen that will allow the generation of documents in current use and readable by any machine. WorkflowGen's integration capabilities make it simple to connect to different data sources.

Use case

An insurance company gives its clients the ability to download either the personal data contained in their profiles, or the entirety of the data concerning them held by the company.

These data might include:


Clients can extract their data from within their insurance portals

Once the user submits their extraction request, a WorkflowGen process is launched that will generate a CSV file, which they can then access within their profile.


The file is downloadable, and its content is easily read and comprehensible.


WorkflowGen configuration

Data extraction from the insurance portal is done through a GraphQL request, which will then launch the EXTRACT_DATA process to retrieve the information using an SQL request and generate a CSV file. Then, another GraphQL request is made in order to return the generated file to the user for download.




The EXPORT_DATA action uses a WorkflowGen application that calls a function in a .NET library located on the WorkflowGen server.

It's also possible to add a validation action in order to ensure the conformity of the retrieved data.

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