How a large organization manages service portfolio processes with WorkflowGen

WorkflowGen makes even the most complex business requirements simple to implement, deploy and update

The service portfolio is the core repository for all information on all services in this organization. Each service is listed along with its current status and history. Service portfolio requests originate in different sectors of the company, and are separated into packages.

Originally, the company would have its IT department program its service portfolio processes, but each time a modification was requested, the developers would then have to reprogram the entire process, which was inefficient and consumed significant resources. WorkflowGen was thus chosen as the solution for this process. With WorkflowGen’s solid workflow logic and low-code environment, any business user can modify process definitions without the assistance of the development team.

The company required a solution that would meet many specific needs for the different sets of actors involved in the process:


Program Staff


WorkflowGen was set up as a repository in which the portfolio requests could be created and modified. Then, the WorkflowGen implementation was configured to meet all of these requirements while providing the flexibility needed for modifications to the process as well as future business needs.

The WorkflowGen solution

Despite the sheer number and specificity of the client’s requirements, all of these solutions were successfully implemented using WorkflowGen’s standard out-of-the-box features. The WorkflowGen implementation completely eliminated the need for developers to reprogram the entire process even for the smallest modifications to the process. If needed, though, more advanced integration possibilities always remain available thanks to WorkflowGen’s built-in integration features, such as the GraphQL API and webhooks.

This use case is a prime example of WorkflowGen as a turnkey solution designed to meet the most basic and general to the most intricate and tailored requirements of any organization of any size, without the need for complicated, expensive and time-consuming development.

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