How to use WorkflowGen as an orchestration engine

Deep integration across multiple organizations with a single WorkflowGen implementation

WorkflowGen’s versatility and flexibility enable it to function not only within a single organization but also as an orchestration engine that works in the background coordinating, managing and streamlining processes across multiple organizations with just one implementation. WorkflowGen’s fluid and frictionless integration features let the companies involved maintain their existing platforms and software infrastructures.

An example of this type of use case is of medical billing and payment companies that act as intermediaries between hospitals and insurance providers. The three separate organizations and multiple participants involved in this kind of process often experience problems with their billing procedures and communications between all of the parties. Requests initiated and processed via emails sent back and forth between hospitals, billing companies and insurance providers can lead to delays of weeks between initial hospital billing requests and eventual reimbursements.

This kind of time-sensitive and financially critical situation can easily get out of hand, thus requiring a solution to facilitate and optimize all aspects of the billing and reimbursement procedure, in particular to properly and efficiently route requests while reducing processing time. A central hub is needed to launch, modify and manage requests, with a solid engine behind the scenes performing automatic assignment of actions in the workflow — all while maintaining the companies’ existing platforms and technical infrastructures, if required. WorkflowGen’s deep integration capabilities make this type of transparent implementation possible.

orchestration engine

In this kind of architecture, the various applications already in place in the three organizations can include:


The ideal solution would do the following:

WorkflowGen has earned a solid reputation both as a stand-alone application and as a behind-the-scenes workflow engine that can be seamlessly integrated into existing software infrastructures and drive any kind of process.

WorkflowGen features a whole new way to perform this kind of integration through the GraphQL API, a cutting-edge technology that provides even more flexibility and configurability when it comes to integrations.

Technical Solutions


By implementing WorkflowGen, companies can accelerate value delivery with a shorter time-to-market and improved operational agility, while leveraging existing skills and solutions and providing enhanced customer experience.

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