COVID-19 Business Processes

Adapt your business processes to the new pandemic reality

The COVID-19 pandemic is profoundly disrupting how organizations operate both internally and externally. The ability to quickly adapt existing business processes and create new ones is more critical than ever. Human Resources, Operations, Sales, Finance, Quality Control, IT — all departments across an organization are confronted with new and pressing challenges that they have to meet in a stressful environment with limited resources and contracting budgets.

Business Units and IT departments need to be able to rely on proven technical solutions that will enable them to expedite the "design to delivery" process and quickly meet both internal and external user requirements. And once the solution is deployed, they should be able to easily make adjustments as conditions evolve. A tight integration with existing systems (ERP, Directories, Productivity Tools, Cloud Ecosystems, etc.) is also a must to deliver a highly customized and secure solution for each user profile.

Implement COVID-19 business processes

In addition to the common Business Processes that may have to be adapted due to the pandemic, WorkflowGen can also help organizations to quickly and securely deploy COVID-19-specific processes such as:

covid process workflow

Create and easily update business processes in WorkflowGen’s graphical workflow designer

Monitor and control your health situation

In the context of COVID-19, employee health is a priority now more than ever with regards to frameworks of deconfinement and resumption of activities, and the management of daily operations thereafter.

Personal situations that employees might encounter will entail a certain number of actions that need to be processed rapidly and efficiently in order to ensure the health of the teams first and foremost, as well as to assure the company's activities and facilitate actions taken by public authorities.

The multiple issues related to COVID-19 can be centralized in a single process acting as a main entry point, which can lead to a series of actions and sub-processes that will involve various organizational departments.

covid process form

Managers can use a single centralized form for their staff COVID-19–related requests

The main issues and triggers to be covered are:

The WorkflowGen solution

Since 2003, corporations worldwide rely on WorkflowGen to deploy business-critical processes across all departments. To face the formidable challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic poses, organizations can immediately leverage the advanced, proven and robust WorkflowGen low-code workflow management software as well as our team of seasoned experts ready to assist you along the project lifecycle.

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