Connect your business processes to the cores of Microsoft Office 365 and Azure

Integrations with Office 365 and Azure allow WorkflowGen to enhance and extend their native digitalization, automation and complex business process optimization functionalities by directly interacting with enterprise actors' fixed and mobile work environments along with the data they handle daily.

WorkflowGen's structuring process-oriented business applications increase operational agility and let your teams use project resources generated on the fly from the workflow, such as creating Office 365 users, creating SharePoint and OneDrive sites, creating teams in Teams, etc.

WorkflowGen leverages Microsoft Graph to multiply your users' productivity through advanced interactions between your transversal enterprise processes and Microsoft Office 365 and Azure.

Some examples of Microsoft Office 365 and Azure integrations:

  • Creating an Office 365 user
  • Creating an appointment in Outlook
  • Sending an email via Exchange
  • Filing a document in OneDrive

Microsoft Graph integration samples