How a government organization created a central hub to automate administrative requests

Digitize paper-based processes and empower employees with WorkflowGen

For a government organization with thousands of employees, having to manage endless administrative requests (such as badge requests, room reservations and IT assistance) can quickly become a nightmare — especially when most are still paper-based! The data entry required for each and every request is painstaking and time-consuming, and certainly not very rewarding for the employee tasked with doing it. Moreover, there was no actual technical infrastructure in place to manage request workflows.

Besides the obvious need to digitize and automate processes, a “one-stop shop” was needed as a central hub users could rely on to launch any type of request. This hub would also allow users to track their requests, send comments to every actor involved, interact with each other, and even quickly cancel a request if necessary.

This central hub would need to do the following:

WorkflowGen is the premier solution to create this kind of hub by centralizing every request in a user-friendly portal. The new favorites feature allows users to add certain processes to a favorites list in a dedicated section on their user portal home pages, much like web browser bookmarks. Faster access with a minimum of clicking and scrolling greatly enhances user experience, not to mention productivity.

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