How a turnpike commission manages thousands of client requests via workflow automation

Contract change, claims and change request processes digitized with WorkflowGen and connected to the company’s directory, CRM and DMS

The commission managing a 500 km turnpike receives thousands of requests from its clients annually, including contract changes, claims, detail change requests, etc.

Requests would be received via phone, email, fax and regular mail. Because of the quantity and variety of request types, sources and participants, handling and monitoring them all was complex. To improve the quality of service offered to clients and to streamline internal processes, the company decided to look for a solution that would enable it to quickly achieve the following objectives:

Functional solution

Operators who receive client requests via mail or phone can initiate the process using the WorkflowGen web portal. If the client has sent a request by regular mail, it can be scanned and added to the process data. Operators use web forms in order to capture all details of a request. If the client is already listed in the company CRM system, its details will be automatically populated in the WorkflowGen form.

The documents associated to the process in WorkflowGen can be automatically exported to the company’s Document Management System. If a client’s request lacks certain information, another operator will contact the client.

Based on the nature of the request, it will be automatically assigned to the appropriate participant in the organization based on the business rules that have been defined when designing the workflow.

The different participants in the workflow are able to handle and monitor their actions to do via the WorkflowGen portal or via email. The requester can track the process status in real time, and supervisors can manage requests and quickly identify bottlenecks in order to reassign tasks to other participants.

Technical configuration


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