Use Case: New Employee Onboarding

With WorkflowGen, you can manage your company's onboarding process for new employees, from their employment contracts to their account creation in your organization's G Suite.

John Tremblay is starting at your company in a month. His soon-to-be manager launches the "New Employee Onboarding" process.


All of the information is filled in and will be sent to the Human Resources department for validation; they can then add the contract to Google Drive and file it.


The contract will be saved in HR's "Team Drive".


Once validated, the "John Tremblay" user containing all of John's information.


Besides this process and its G Suite integration, WorkflowGen also lets you automate certain technical tasks, improving productivity.

With all of the actions being performed using one single tool, archiving and traceability governance is respected and easy to produce for audit purposes.



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