How a major manufacturer enhanced quality control and performance

Plant and QA change control processes implemented in less than two months

A major manufacturer decided to migrate to a specialized workflow product to provide enhanced quality control and performance. They eventually chose WorkflowGen by Advantys, which is distributed in the Asia Pacific region by Office Information Australia (OIA).

For many years, the company used a forms-driven approach to workflows to manage plant and QA change control within manufacturing processes. These forms were static in nature, on top of their Lotus Notes email environment.

They needed to be able to generate analytics and reporting in a real-time sense to assist their change control and associated production processes. They also needed a system that could be fully maintained in-house by their team and provide the flexibility to perform changes swiftly.

Training and delivery were completed over the course of a month and workflows were built by the company’s team in around two months.

They were pleasantly surprised with the ease of training and delivery, since they were now able to create workflows involving human and system actions within a few days.

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