How a large corporation streamlines hundreds of subsidiaries' legal authorizations

An entire approval circuit based on a company directory

When managing hundreds of subsidiaries under the umbrella of one large corporation, keeping track of and controlling all required legal authorizations can cause real headaches. In this organization, these requests were being passed between different actors — on paper forms! Needless to say, this process was a hassle, inefficient, and not very secure. With no efficient way to properly manage and track requests, forms would easily get lost, or languish on someone’s desk while they were on vacation, creating bottlenecks and confusion.

To centralize and optimize this internal process, the solution needed to do the following:

The WorkflowGen solution

By dynamically defining an entire approval circuit, legal authorizations could now follow a specific workflow without the risk of any of them getting lost. An assistant could easily launch an authorization request in a few minutes, with automatic notifications sent to all actors involved in the approval circuit. And, of course, paper forms would finally become a thing of the past.

WorkflowGen’s GETUSERSFROMDIR application retrieves specific users based on any condition, such as job title and company name, in order to automatically assign actions to individual users or to groups of users. This is a perfect example of how WorkflowGen can leverage an existing company directory through a tight integration that allows for the easy automation of tasks that might otherwise take hours, days, or even weeks. The most obvious benefits come in the form of time freed for higher value tasks, and increased security and integrity of the requests themselves, since they can no longer get lost or stuck.

Technical Implementation


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